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This series of original mixed media/acrylic paintings appear to be non-objective, but there is always a subject. Influences come from places I go, things I see, and feelings I have that remind me of both. I identify these influences with a suggestion in the title to reveal to the viewer the source of the idea. This often explains many decisions in the process of painting, compositional elements, color and complex textures.

Independent of this, however, I demand complex color, and clean powerful paint covering the entire surface. Usually, this is the best guide for me to determine when a painting is finished and prevent over working the surface. This process of painting allows a freshness to remain all the way through the process.

Supporting the integrity of the paint and the origin of the idea is the emotional application of the paint. This emotion must be present and a viewer knows and feels when it is or is not present. A viewer is always aware of these underlying motives, often without realizing it.

I sometimes find it difficult to verbally explain my paintings. I simply want it to be enjoyed, and appreciated. When a painting is purchased by a collector, these reasons are usually lost. What remains over time are the raw emotional responses to the painting from the viewer to the art on a day to day basis. It is very simple, and should not be complicated.



Arlington Museum of Art
201 W. Main, Arlington, TX
Date TBA

"Caddo Lake, Place of Dreams" is an exhibition of Original Paintings, Drawings and Fine Art Photography by Bruce Tinch. The exhibit celebrates the contribution of Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson and her life-time of work dedicated to natural conservation and beautification programs using wildflowers, as well as her work for wetland conservation and anti-litter campaigns. Viewers will be emerged in a unique total experience of the senses including natural swamp sounds playing through the museum, tanks of live water lilies in the main museum lobby, and tree limbs covered with Spanish moss.

The exhibition was launched at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas in September 2008 and was claimed by the Center as the best exhibition they ever housed, attracting a large attendance from all over the U.S.